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ABOUT - our journey so far

Hadleigh Foodbank Charity was founded in 2020 and has continued working hard with the assistance of our members and volunteers to help individuals in our local area. Our work has evolved over the past 2 years and due to the growth of the Charity, it became apparent that the name Hadleigh Foodbank Charity did not fit with all that we do, as we have diversified our support in so many ways. The name of our Charity was changed to Fresh Start Charity as of 30th March 2022.


Fresh Start Charity is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services to our local community and we strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance. Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference at our Charity.

Meet the Team & Trustees 

Angela Gregg.jpg

Angela Gregg

Founder & Treasurer (Trustee)

Angela grew up in Hadleigh, Essex and is now funnily enough residing here in Hadleigh, Suffolk. She has three children, Hollie, Connor and Ellie. Angela’s career has been mainly in Sales and Marketing until she had to retire due to health in January 2019.  But as Angela doesn’t like sitting down, she decided to campaign to become a Town Councillor and was elected in May 2019.

In September 2020 she became the Deputy Mayor.  In July 2019 Angela joined the original Hadleigh Foodbank as her passion to help others and support her community was quite apparent.  With a fantastic amount of support from volunteers the Foodbank became a Charity and has diversified into what it is today - Fresh Start Charity.


Hollie Gregg

Operations Manager

Hollie has a 1st Class bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Criminology and is about to start her Master’s Degree in Sociological Research. She has spent a term as a trustee amongst the charity and has worked with us to set up our HR Department since December 2021. From August, 2023, she has since become our Operations Manager ensuring to drive the charity forward and operate at its fullest potential.

Having been a part of the charity since its inception, she has firsthand knowledge of every part of the charity and so she is a fantastic fit for the job. 

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, reading books and volunteering for a local charity assisting as an Appropriate Adult.

Leoni Miles.jpeg

Leoni Miles


Leoni is currently in the middle of an Apprenticeship within business support. With the experience of working with others and members of the public, it has shown her how to use other people’s opinions and perspectives to make positive change within our community. Because of this Leoni decided to become a Trustee for the Charity as it is a great experience for individuals of her age. She believes having a say on how we can support people like her is very important as it is a growing problem and their voices need to be heard when they really matter. Leoni is convinced that different perspectives and opinions from people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences can make a positive difference.



If you need any of our services or would like to volunteer, please contact us!

Thanks for your message, we will be intouch with you as soon as possible!

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