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Smart Minds at Fresh Start
Promoting positive change 

Smart Minds at Fresh Start Charity

We are pleased to announce we are working in partnership with Smart Minds, a youth mentoring service that supports young people in both primary and secondary schools. Smart Minds currently support more than 100 children across a dozen schools in Essex and due to the recent success is now rolling out the scheme in Suffolk.


Fresh Start Charity shares their ethos of "helping young people to thrive and grow", and there is a clear synergy between Smart Minds and our very own Fresh Start Champions Programme.


By working in partnership with Smart Minds, who will be training several members of our team at Fresh Start, we will be able to deliver the same service to Suffolk schools.

The youth mentors have provided vital support to many young people over the past decade, who face issues such as bullying, low self-esteem, online concerns, loss of family and close friends, living in care and challenges at school, to name a few.

Smart Minds uses a combination of traditional youth work, therapeutic listening and reflective diary work, with the aim to help young people become more resilient and confident in their daily lives. The service is confidential and non-judgemental whilst having safeguarding at the forefront of all the work that they do.


• 1-to-1 youth mentoring in schools

​• Group mentoring programmes in schools

​• Bespoke mentoring programmes written and delivered as required

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